ANZBGF Championships 7-9 June 2024


(including ANZBGF Masters, Intermediate & BMAB tournament)

Amora Riverwalk Hotel, 649 Bridge Road, Richmond



BMAB:  Round Robin format 5 x 11 pt matches commence.

Transcription fees apply.


Championship welcome dinner at the Amora Riverside Hotel from 7.30pm ($75 per head, please advise in advance if you will be attending to assist with bookings).


9.30am – ANZBGF Championship registration & draw.

10.30am – Play commences.

Single elimination format with buybacks until 128 draw filled.

Side pools available.

Intermediate division registration from 9.30am.

Play commences at 10am and will conclude on the day. Tournament format will be determined on the day depending on the number of entries and is intended for genuine intermediate players (committee discretion).

Masters registration by midday. Play to commence in afternoon.

$10 double match point tournament to run from Saturday midday.


Championship division play continues for the final 8 players.

10am – play to commence.

Side events on offer for eliminated players on demand throughout the day.

Championship Tournament Entry Fee $120 + $30 Registration Fee to cover event costs.

Buybacks in 2024 will be full price ($120, no further reg fee).

pay a $20 administration fee (which includes membership for one year).

Side Pools on offer – additional $100 and $200.

Winner 40% of all entry fees (all entry fees returned in prizes)

Runner Up 20%

Semi-finalists 10%

Q/Finalists 5%

All matches to final 8 must be completed by close of Saturday

  • Timeclocks must be used – either physical clock or phone App. If you have a clock please bring it with you
  • Participation is dependent on current membership of ANZBGF. Membership fee of $20 paid now will carry through to 30th June 2025
  • There is a limited supply of backgammon boards, please bring your own if at all possible
  • Precision dice must be used if available

Masters entry fee: $300 + $30 registration fee

Winner 50%

Runner up 25%

Semi-finalists 12.5%

Intermediate division: Entry $40 (no registration fee)

Winner 70%

Runner up 30%

ANZBGF Championship match lengths: 11/11/11/11/13/15

Master match lengths: 11/11/11/13

Intermediate match lengths: 7pts, with 9pt final




Pre-payment available. All payments on the day must be paid in cash – no card facility provided


ANZBGF Rules apply – please become familiar

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