A Nod of Thanks to Simon Woodhead!

In appreciation of the selfless and often costly work done every year in running the Australian Backgammon Championship, Simon Woodhead has been awarded Life Membership of the Australia New Zealand Backgammon Federation.

Simon has been a stalwart of Australian backgammon for many years and, by cultivating and promoting it on the Gold Coast, has brought a new generation of players to our great game.

In acknowledging Simon’s contribution, he is being also provided with free entry to the 2024 Australia NZ Championships in Melbourne. It’s a small token of our gratitude for his ongoing work – which most of us saw first-hand during a fabulous event on the Gold Coast in November – but a unanimous and very easy decision for the ANZBGF committee to make.

Even better news for Simon, he can actually attend a major national backgammon event without having to keep an eye on every match result. He can just turn up and play backgammon.

The same goes for everyone else out there – see you at the Amora Riverwalk in June!

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