Three Strikes Winner Steve Nelson

Round 9 whittled the number of players down to three. That means that the first (triple elimination) part of the tournament is concluded. Seeing that Steve Nelson has won more matches than anyone, he is declared the winner of the tournament with no need to play any decider rounds. 2nd and 3rd place are decided purely on points and go to David and Saeed respectively. Congratulations to all.

The prize money distribution is as follows:
– 1st place Steve Nelson $675
– 2nd place David McAllister $405
– 3rd place Saeed Nourmohammadi $270

Side Pool
– 1st place Steve Nelson $560
– 2nd place Steve Clarry $240

Thank you all for your participation.

I am going to delay the start of the next 3 Strikes tournament until about mid February just in case there are complications with my operation. Full details will be emailed in due course. The format I think works well and will remain unchanged.


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